To tackle the obstacles preventing you from reaching your sales goals, Evolve Growth uses a systematic approach. To increase sales, you need three things:

1. An honest assessment of your current business
2. An informed strategy
3. A dedicated sales team

That’s why we move our clients through three phases where we address their sales needs from the root of the problem all the way through to the implementation.

Phase 1: Assess

All good game plans start with solid research and knowing the talent you have on your bench. Our assessment is built around the following components:

  • The DA36TM, also known as Evolve Diagnostic Assessment 36, is the initial 36 diagnostic properties on which we assess your organization to determine weaknesses, strengths or pending issues.
  • Based on the results of the DA36TM and your company’s goals, we create Primary and Secondary Priorities. Primary Priorities are the issues that are most critical to the health and survival of the company. These issues take priority and are the main driver of the strategy. Secondary Priorities are the issues that would be nice to fix, but aren’t critical to success.

After diagnostics and priorities have been determined, we create a strategic sales plan that customized for your company. This becomes the foundation from which we build and grow and leads us into Phase 2.

Phase 2: Emerge

A game plan may look nice on paper, but the game itself is won in the field, not in the locker room. Many consultants prescribe a strategy and leave the hard work up to you. With Evolve Growth’s hands-on approach, we prescribe a strategy and then entrench ourselves with your team to ensure a smooth handoff. A game plan can only work if the team has solid coaching from the sidelines.

During Phase 2, we focus on implementation and execution. And we continue to refine what we developed in Phase 1 – breaking, fixing, and repeating…over and over until the sales team is working in harmony towards goals and objectives.

Phase 3: Amplify

By now your team has shifted gears and is making moves. However, with your goals in mind, you could still feel a little behind. Evolve’s team of professionals will support your sales team by making calls, scheduling meetings and closing deals.

Often when you grow your sales, you end up growing your sales staff. Evolve Growth can help bridge that gap and get you to the next step in sales development.