Proof of Concept

“Our company was built on a great concept that could revolutionize the healthcare industry. Investment was there and so was executive leadership. We had no results though. Our plans were built on plans. Evolve immediately turned our concepts into action and through the first four months of work together, we achieved more results than in the previous three years.”

– CEO, Healthcare IT Company

Sales Team Direction

“As a company built on a solid product and spectacular service, our offering has always sold itself. We had tried branching into different sectors several times over as he had maxed out our growth capacity in our then-present space. For four straight years we tried, and failed, with a different sales leader. Evolve created the foundation for our growth first and then focused on helping us get a teammate who could implement and execute those processes, not create them.”

– Co-Owner, Logistics Provider

Replicable Processes

“Our company has been featured as one of the fastest growing companies in the country several years in a row. The challenge with that growth is that it has been done in a very unplanned and haphazard way. Our sales team was doing well and we didn’t want to stop their progress, but we knew that we had to create some sort of process that allowed for us to grow into new regions and territories. Evolve created the first run of those processes with the help of our existing team and helped us initiate those processes.”

–  CEO, Financial Services Provider

Creation of Scalable Growth

“We knew we were a good company with great products and great services, and we had carved a wonderful niche in our current demographic, but we also knew that what we were offering had more potential. Evolve paused what was happening long enough for to understand the value of what we offered across the board. By having the sales and marketing teams on the same page, we have been able to open six additional satellite offices over the past 8 months, each has become immediately profitable and our model for growth is set for the foreseeable future.”

– Owner, Office Products Company

Sales Performance Consistency

“For the last six years, our company has been up and down. One year we would exceed goals heavily and the next, we’d miss just as badly. This led to difficulty in projecting and growing as much as we would have liked. Evolve recognized that while the operational foundation was present, the sales team was operating without specific success variables which we could point to in order to understand where we were succeeding or falling short. After the creation and implementation, our sales are mirroring the growth we were hoping for and the activities that fuel the growth are consistent and allow us to pinpoint problems before they happen.”

– CEO, Online Fulfillment Company

Interim Sales Leadership

“Our company had been family run for three generations and the head of sales was retiring after 30 years. His success had been built on a knowledge of the products and relationships, but little else. After his departure, we hired a new head of sales. After 6 months of waiting for results, we realized he was wrong for the position. We then spent another 3 months preparing for his termination. After 6 more months of solidifying the sales department we began the process of looking for his replacement. Luckily Evolve was introduced to us and we built the position properly before any type of hiring. After a few months we were ready to look for the new hire. Since there was no pressure on him to fix issues, he was free to focus on the vision that was best for the company. Evolve also spent time before leaving working with him to show what was created, why is was built like that, and how to best utilize it.”

– CEO, National Consumer Products Company