Stage 1: Understand

Most consultants immediately start looking for the right answers. We start by looking for the right questions. By taking the time to truly understand your business from every angle, we can move quickly with fewer mistakes and less wasted time.

Stage 2: Challenge

After we understand your business, we’ll challenge every aspect and grasp how it’s truly affecting your growth. We’ll question the assumptions, norms, and conventions of your company and your industry and see what’s working and what’s not.

Stage 3: Plan

Armed with both the right questions and the right answers, we’ll develop a plan for growth. Our goal is to optimize your business using minimal resources. We’re experts at leveraging the foundation of your current process and transforming it into a system capable of sustained growth.


Stage 4: Refine

If it’s not working, change it. If it’s working, let’s do it even better. Those are the two directives we’ll follow as we continue to refine every variable in our plan, weeding out the failures until we’re left with nothing but success.

Stage 5: Execute

While failing to plan may be planning to fail, implementation is where the rubber meets the road. During implementation, new insights and small victories happen daily. Even the mistakes are victories—learning from trial and error will be one of our best avenues for growth.

Stage 6: Perform

We bring together your entire sales team to review what we’ve learned in Phase 1. We’ll explain our plan for success, why it works, and how to continue it in the future. Unlike a sales consultant’s two-day training seminar, Evolve works with your team to execute what has been learned. We’ll help ensure your team is equipped to achieve results.


Stage 7: Replicate

At this stage, you have tested and proven processes and plans along with a team that’s prepared for success. The only thing left is to replicate it again and again. Because of all the hard work that led to this stage, your business is ready to sustain your growth into the future.

Stage 8: Disengage

Our goal at Evolve is to leave you with everything you need to continue your success on your own. Your business will already be on a growth trajectory, and you’ll be equipped with the blueprint and tools to reach even higher.