How to Teach an Old Dog New Business Tricks – Part 1

April 13th, 2016|Life, Old School, Originality, Relate-able Business|

About 6 months ago, I was presented with a business idea created by a company out of Rochester, New York, called YEA! (Young Entrepreneurs Academy).  The company was in the process of launching the program, across the country, to communities and their middle and high schools.  The concept of YEA! is pretty simple, but strong.  [...]

Dear Lee Salz, I Humbly Disagree (an Open Letter on Different Vs. Unique) –

April 11th, 2016|Life, Old School, Originality, Relate-able Business, Sales Improvement|

Lee, from what I can tell, you seem like a very sharp guy. You have excellent points, and your theories seem to be grounded in practical knowledge. Not only that, you write in a fun and conversational way, making for an enjoyable read. Overall, I think you are a good person to follow and will [...]